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Joseph Barrios

Product Designer, Los Angeles CA

I enjoy exploring the “how” and “why” through the design process. As a creative, I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between user and technology. I enjoy building user experiences that are focused around research, ideation, testing, and visual design.

Prior to my start in technology and design, I worked as a touring musician, songwriter, and producer having worked with companies such as Netflix, HBO, Converse and more on music placements.

When I’m not designing you can find me hiking around southern California with my dog Disco, and fiddling with knobs on guitar pedals and synthesizers.

My Design Values

UX Research

I believe research should influence all design decision making. Research fuels empathetic design, elevates products, and fosters meaningful user experiences.

Design for Business + Strategic Goals

Aligning UX with business objectives drives success. It bridges user delight and commercial viability, propelling products to new heights.

Collaboration + Communication

UX thrives in teamwork. Transparent communication cultivates creativity, ensuring seamless synergy between disciplines for exceptional outcomes.

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